Monday, August 17, 2009

"Hot" wax neck-LACE!

....OK , it was about time I explained the name of my blog...!
Although it sounds much like it, it has nothing to do with teen movies, or gossip girl! In fact I have never been the "Queen Bee" in real life. Being bitchy & peer pressuring -desperate to fit in- followers, wasn't my thing.

I've always thought the word "bee" to be cute (..along with "cherry" yet that went down the drain for being too cliche), to the point that I was thinking of writing a comic called "The pozerBEES" (..down the drain as well).
Some years later when I created my facebook account I decided to write my full name, but only the first letter of my last name, B.
And the weirdest thing happened, everyone started calling me B. !!!
That, and me being a word-game manic, gave birth to that silly blog name!
+ no matter how I despise bees buzzing around me, there's something very graphic about those creatures, sooo....
....equals, my new Accessorize necklace!
(I know I am taking it too far with those mutations of mine, cant help it though!)

Tah-Dah ! Here's THE necklace outfit!

Plain white tee (...not screaming "Hey there Delila") with.....


....I am telling ya, it felt good being in these clothes, It was one of those days....!

...Now there are some other days you have this huge burger in your mind all day long, and you cant wait until tasting it! ---> That's today folks!
(worrying about either being too shallow, or enjoying the simple joys of on another day's program)


  1. The simple joys in life are what make it worthwhile!
    How's your summer so far? I'm getting anxious to come back!

  2. uperoxo kolie kai sou paei opws to sunduases !
    ta sandalia einai teleia !!!!!
    honey kisses!!!!

  3. love your outfit!!
    you looks so stylish ;) and the necklace is beautiful!


  4. Interesting story! The necklace looks great!

  5. creative and funny post as always!:)

  6. That necklace looks really nice! I really want the Miu Miu bag.

  7. Stunning necklace! I think we have the same sandals, haha! :)

  8. It's a good name, I'm a fan of the little insects too :) Your outfit is gorgeous and such a great stairway!

  9. I love all this stuffs.Cool blog.

  10. despoinis sas eidame k sto glamour

  11. despinis B...oreo to kolie ki foustitsa..ine poli queen..poli B(eeee) :)

  12. ela agapi !
    exeis skasei etsi ?
    kai siga dn einai tpt oute kan prwtotupo maria
    esu nomizes mairh siga th diafora dld
    elpizw na hremhses twra :)Pppppppp
    filakia aaaa

  13. i love how the outfit revolves around that gorgeous necklace :) and i am so jealous of your long hair! i was planning to grow it long but i cut it short...again -.-

  14. There s sth about Accessorize that makes you want to buy them all in there!! It's so hard to decide!
    Interesting trivia from your life, I didnt think you were bitchy anyway ^_^

  15. Oh my gosh, how did I miss your post??? Blogger's playing me. Grrr....
    LOVE that necklace girlie and the whole outfit!

  16. Love the necklace! It is so adorable!
    Want it! Want it! :)



  18. I loved reading about your blog name! To be honest, I never associated it with Gossip Girl or any form of bitchniness, but with the actual queen of bees. I agree, the insects themselves freak me out a bit when they fly around me (I've gotten stung before... not fun), but I like them in general (they're hard workers and have pretty colors :). Awesome necklace... I can totally see why you fell in love with it. Goes really well with your outfit!

    P.S. So glad you posted about Loft design by in your last post. I always thought no one had ever heard of them before. They are very popular in France but not a lot of other places.

  19. Really cute outfit! You hairstyle sets it off really nicely, too x0x0

  20. Thanks for the comment!
    Your blog is so cool! Your outfit is so amazing. Who knew a plain white tee (haha it makes me start singing hey there delilah too) could look so chic? the necklace looks amazing.


    trade links?

  21. i sooooo enjoy and love your looooonggggggg mutations!!!!!!
    loved the body con and the necklace!!!!

  22. Very impressive necklace and interesting story!!

  23. with these necklaces you can immeditely transform any sipmle/plain dress or t-shirt and make it look more glamorous.
    but the story is more important in this case ;)

  24. Πολύ βαθυστόχαστο!!! Looooove that necklace geitonaki!! It's very unique and looks awesome the way you paired it! Yay for the beautiful geitonaki!

  25. I love the story behind your name. You might not have been the "Queen Bee" at school or when you were younger, but you deffinately are now! You have such a great sense of style and a wonderful figure!

    Much love
    Lucie x

  26. Amazing post, I loveeee the necklace and outfit, you look fantastic

  27. ti glyko outfit!!!!
    kai to necklace monadiko kai kanei tin diafora!!!!
    kisses xxx

  28. nice necklace i love the gladiaters B! lol
    yeah bee is a very cute word

    thanks for the comment visit anytime

    Vi from Cali

  29. good story B. ;)
    and super cute outfit!

  30. Great story:)

    Loove that necklace, and you look adorable, great outfit!

  31. NEAT. hot legs, awesome necklace and simple t shirt, you've got it sorted.

  32. OMG I have exactly the same gladiators, I can't believe it :P especially because I live about 1200km away.
    Love the whole look by the way!


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