Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mood "LOFT"ing !


Remember when you first discovered American Vintage...
When I did, I was all over the place..., plain shirts have never seemed so unique before!

American Vintage is OLD NEWS now (especially after Zara's copy-cuts)
& it was about time I got excited by a newly discovered brand!
Homey, comfy, and thrifted -looking
LOFT designed by... is the brand I am currently having the most cravings for!


... reading the designer's mission statement on the site, I got caught up by some words of hers!

"I may choose to live in the summer in the middle of December. Depending on my mood, I might want my mat colors in the spring and bright colors in the autumn or vice versa. For me beauty is self-evident not a fashion."

...although I hate stupid cliche, and reproducing famous quotes (...so pretentious)
this one (although quite cheesy towards the end) made quite an impression.


... I am a proud owner of two quite unique tank tops, and I am considering few more buys!

Fellow Greek shopaholics, you may find the collection in Attica 3rd floor, right next to American Vintage, reasonably enough!

cardigan: American Vintage, Tank top: LOFT, skirt: ZARA, bag: TOPSHOP


  1. ela, pame :D maresei to cardigan!!

  2. will check them out. thanks for sharing!

  3. Mmmmm...that put me in thoughts ;)

    Looks like a cool store.

  4. fainetai ontws wraio to loft,mpike sta places-to-shop..oso gia to sunolo,einai apo ta agapimena mu,o sunduasmos uperoxos k latrevw auti ti fousta..

  5. apta agapimena brads tis sis mou...exi tosa tops...

    oreo kto diko sas miss..ala maresi pio poli i foustitsa..poli poli cute

    (to mavrisma dn to sxoliazo kano pos dn vlepo)

  6. Wow I love their boutique! Sounds like a great store to visit and their quote is cool! xxoxoxo

  7. Cute stripes! I like the quote. Maybe now I'll stop even trying to dress seasonally.

  8. i like that quote, really inspirational. love the shops look.

  9. Stripes is love!

    You have such a cute blog, I like it a lot:)

  10. love the casual looks of this store, and how big it is. wish i lived in greece!!

  11. i like your outfit! teleia h foustitsa sou polu kalokairinh!

  12. You look great in the pic. Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  13. katarxas pote postares kai dn phra xampari???
    ti teleio maurisma kai zwnh !!!!kai fousta kai topaki kai malli!!!!!!!!!
    apo ta pio wraia sou !!! ftou ftou ftou !!!!!

  14. Wow - never heard of this brand before! Like you, i had a perment 'crush' on American Vintage, but now i know i can ones just like them from here! Thanks for letting me know! Love your outfot btw...

    Panda xx

  15. Nice skirt! Goes very well wit stripes.

  16. Poly endiaferousa pliroforia, den iha ypopsi mou auti ti firma alla sigoura tha tin psaxo. Poly oraio top!

  17. thats so cool!!! had no idea!!! once again disaster!!! i thought i am not going to buy anything else till next year!!!!

  18. Hej! i'm back from being gon a long long time:P

    I absolutely adore your outfit. the skirt is so pretty and the gladiators toughen it right up.


    With love Jessi


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