Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smack the bullet !

Bullet points
is the best way to read something and not get bored...school books should have been written in bullet poin
ts, now that I am thinking.
My life is kinda boring @ this moment so I am gonna use bullet points to scale down the boredom...!

...and now I am blabbing.

.......So this is what I am up to lately:
  • I seriously load anyone who has the luxury of being on vacations! Mean YET true!
  • Just took a glimpse of Zara's new collection! Already got myself 3 items, my shopaholism is back for good, & there are so many nice stuff in there I am thinking there's
    no reason to visit another store , or write outfit credits
  • Currently obsessed with "Sabrina the teenage Witch"! I managed to watch 2,5 seasons in a day, until I got delusional that my cat was actually talking, and its BLACK...imagine the confusion!
  • Besides the shopaholism, I got my impulse buying obsession back, when I realized Hondos Center (Greek beauty retail-store) imported LIP SMACKERS!

Proud owner of: Mango Berry, Coca Cola, Strawberry sugar, cotton candy, Kiwi, Bubble Gum, Fanta orange, Fanta Blueberry, Sprite, + Marshmallow!

Desperately looking from M&Ms flavor!
  • ...my blogging appetite is still to be found, so consider this quicky post, a desperate measure to save my blog from going downhill!
.... outfit post comming soon!



  1. Amazing Zara's collection!

  2. Στην τελευταία επίσκεψη στο Zara σημείωσα κ εγώ τα επόμενα θύματα για το τέλος του μήνα(το οποίο αργεί ή μου φαίνεται???).
    Lip Smacker m&ms??????slourp!!!!


  3. Oh man, I'm gonna need a great deal of will-power to stay away from the shops when I return to Athens in a couple of weeks. Until then, I'm feeding my shopaholism with BADILA and Attrattivo clothes from my favourite local boutique... Even at 50% off, they're still not good for my pocket.

    And don't worry about the blog, I'm used to mine going downhill in summer. EVERYTHING goes downhill in Greece during August!

  4. Yay, shopaholic is back! Can't wait to see the outfit post :)

  5. αν σου πω οτι απο Ζαρα εχω παρει
    μονο ενα φουλαρι, τι θα πεις?

    ειναι πολυ αστειο, το ξερω
    αλλα αυτο συμβαινει


  6. lip smackers πουλάει και το άττικα. τα έχει στο ταμείο!
    αν και οι καινουριες κολεξιόν ήρθαν ήδη, δε θέλω να ρθει ο χειμώνας...

  7. Welcome back Honey!

    Oh I received a new skirt from Zara new's collecion. :-)


  8. Saw those at gallerie de beaute at the Mall, and I thought wtf...and now I see you have every flavour...what can I say? :)))

    The new Zara collection kicks ass: I love the blackness... We should meet girl, arrange sth with Nina!

    Plus: is that the bullet from super mario?

  9. Such a cute post, and I love all the pics!

  10. a)kormi 8anatnforo b)don't tempt me with Zara new collections plz. c) OMG ta agorases ola?? sa na exeis candyshop 8a einai to boudoir sou!!wow_m trexouv ta salia, molis gyrisw 8a speysw na promn8eytw ki egw merika..

  11. Lip smackers sto Hondos Centeeeer?! POU TA EKRUPSAAAAN?!!
    Great blog by the way : )

  12. re paidia xerete an poulanne smackers stin kavala?

  13. Pwpw ta smackers ta 3erw edw k kati xronia apo 3ena periodika. Phga sto Hondos omws den ta vrhka. :(
    Pou akrivws vriskontai?

  14. egw ta vrika sto Hondos tou peiraia! alla kai sto attica se kathe tameio, k eidika sto tameio tou 3ou orofou sti Replay tha vreis olokliri sullogi ap auta!

  15. if your still looking for the m&m flavor, go to Hondos at Ag.paraskevi....they got lots i saw them today!!!

  16. Yay!!!
    You have the best Lip Smackers!!
    I only have one that's Jello flavored, and it has dissapeared from my life...
    guess it melted and my maid threw it away.
    so much for my only solid lip smacker.

  17. i have one of those lip smackersss!:) cotton candy flavor!:) i love it!


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