Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cinderellas' must-have!

I going through blogs and I am realizing this blogloving thing is getting big. I can't be left out of this blogo-community that's why I just became a member of it. For whoever is interested, although my experience is limited, I can assure you it's rather practical!!!

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Lately I've been looking for an all-time classic accessory. I am not really a watch-person, not an accessory-person either, though sometimes I really hate the view of my naked hands.
So instead of looking for bangles and accessorizing-stuff which I loose the third time I take a bath, I decided to go for something kinda "permanent"
(who am I kidding?..anyways)

I used to wear several swatch cartoony-ones, yet I am buying something more elegant now.
In a gift shop (octapus) I discovered this OOZOO brand with huge watches (lov'em).
They look so fine and their price is reasonable for someone who's getting easily bored, like ME!
However, during my watch-quest and in the middle of silly-stuff shopping, I found the time-piece Cinderella (due to her being a "too-late" icon) would die for .
Colorful, Playful, Digital & Plastic-Fantastic
I felt for it and (imagine..) I didn't even ask for the price, because I want for once to make an appropriate shopping-research. So mature of me... I am getting old... (sad face)....or broke...(happy face, at least I am not getting old)

NOTE: B. don't forget to buy glass slippers to match it with!


  1. I couldn't agree more on the watch issue...I m always drooling over the Nixon watches at Mall but never decide to actually buy one...they make me nervous! The one in the picture is just fabulous...

  2. those colourful watches are sooo cute!
    i never think of buying watches... i own one but it doesn't go with many of my outfits so i always forget about it... i just use my cell phone for the time amyways :P

  3. cell-phones killed watches...!!! :P

  4. exw ena oozoo lefko roloi kai einai pragmatika teleio, twra skopevw na parw ena sokolatoxryso!!!
    to blog sou einai teleio!!!


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