Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guests are welcome...

What's the definition of luck?
To share the same shoe-size with your mom, your aunt AND your grandma, who happen to be DAMN stylish!
Here's what I borrowed...

...and how i used them... it all wrong about my skirt and dropped by to complain...

It's OK Kaa -Guests are welcome-

bag: Channel vintage, shoes: Ferragamo (grandma's), skirt: Zara, tank: intimissimi, cardigan: Benetton, clutch: Dorothy Perkins, tights: no idea.


  1. Lucky girl...It takes a lot to take such a skirt and make it look so cool! Few would try it! Fewer would pull it off. But on you, it looks really great..!

  2. awwwhh thank you JO!!! (serious blushing)

  3. you are really lucky with such stylish mo and grandma

  4. i forgot the aunt
    i really like the comics you put :)Ppp

  5. Oh! I wish I could borrow sweet shoes from my family!
    That skirt is awesome--what fool thought it was real?

  6. thanx-we <3 zara...the fool who's in the picture...!

  7. poso zilevw pu mporeis na daneisteis papoutsia ap'tin stylish oikogeneia su!
    to sunolo deixnei teleio panw s alla gia na eimai eilikrinis liges tha katafernan na deixun cool me auto,k oxi "mikromegala"!
    and i loooove your hair!

  8. My sister, mum, grandmother and a really stylish aunt, they all wear DIFFERENT show sizes than me! It's the Murphy Law, I tell ya!

    I absolutely love your style in these pictures! High waist everything is the new black!

  9. What??I come to visit and I see 3 new posts??My blogroll doesn't work!! I have some amazing shoes from my mum with snake skin, not many other vintage things unfortunately

  10. Wow, so amazing. You look fantastic. My Mum is kicking herself for not keeping her old clothes and we're the same size.

  11. lucky you!!!i love the shoes and the tights!and that skirt looks really great on you!!!

  12. WOW girl!!! you look amazing! I loooove your printed skirt.. and your tights are perfect! great combination! <3

  13. Thanks for dropping by at my blog!

    That skirt looks great on you! I scored the blazer version of it, this reminds me I should do an outfit picture of it. Loved the skirt a lot too, but I figured it might be too much of a good thing ;)
    I really like your blog!

    yara from thischicksgotstyle


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