Saturday, April 4, 2009

Edna didn't like it...

Who's THE style-icon?
Edna is THE style-icon!!!

... unfortunately she disapproved my Friday's work outfit..."wasn't INVENTIVE enough"
That's too bad...still love her though... !

suede cardigan: zara, shirt: MNG, jeans: MNG, belt: MNG, bag: Furla, shoes: converse, glasses: ray-ban

+ my favorite work corner...


  1. Your look amazing!! I love your denim pants and your glasses!! <3

  2. I saw your sweet comment girl! and Off course I won't see it in a weird way! I like your style as well.. A LOT!! xx

  3. Didn't like it???????????? May I ask why? I adore the one-stars and the glasses...BEAUTIFUL.

  4. is it a chair????

  5. That whole outfit is gorgeous
    the bleached jeans are so cool

  6. one star converse we love... we also love curt. but we are excused we were really small back then.

  7. Thank you guys... :D

    jo: I have no idea she doesnt talk much, but cant you tell by her face? she doesnt like it much... (hehe)

    Anonymous: yeap.. this is an extremelly comfortable chair!!

  8. Hahah, edna is quite the style icon indeed! I love this look on you, the jeans and blazer fit perfectly and your hair is gorgous.
    Very nice blog! :)


  9. i think edna is making a mistake because you are amazing
    and i will place a photo but i haven 't yet find something inspiring to put ...:)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Edna is a style icon. I think your outfit looks great. I really like the blazer and your jeans.
    P.S. I'm American, I just studied in Greece for one semester. And what pictures are you referring to specifically? I take my own of myself, but the specific post you commented on had pictures from 4 different bloggers.

  12. lol. edna rulez. but your sense of humor rulez even more...

  13. aaa tha diafwnisw me tin edna,i think it's very inventive!k m aresun polu oi photos s,p prostheteis cartoon k alla stoixeia,einai prwtotupes k asteies..
    roz gualia k psifiaki,mallon eisai k esu sto club twn rozo-xtupimenwn ;) ta roz gualia einai uperoxa k skeftomun n agorasw alla tha deixnw san barbie me ta mallia p exw..

  14. the belt brings it all together. nice.


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