Thursday, April 23, 2009


Woke up today in a mood to wear short sleeve...Mom walks in, leaves an umbrella saying "don't leave without it". I felt an urge to scream "How can I not LEAVE without it, when I wanna LIVE without it" and stay in bed all day!

What made my day? ... my brand-new purple all star!!!

Seriously, there's something wrong with the planet, it can't be rainy here and sunny in London!
....I left a friend of mine take care of it, he is rather good in solving puzzles....

long cardigan: ZARA, tartan shirt: KOTON, t-shirt: MNG, skinny jean: MNG, shoes: (do I really need to write it?) bag: TOPSHOP

Coming back from work, I had some packing to do...!

In this quest for trip-clothes I found those vintage shoes my mom gave me some years ago.

My mind got flooded by outfit pictures, yet there was one that gave me the second-urge-of the day to dress up and take pictures... so I did! With spring-y clothes, NORMAL spring!

everything: ZARA, belt: Gucci vintage, shoes: vintage, bag: TOPSHOP


  1. megia ta converse!
    (maresi i leptomeria sto poukamiso)
    to deftero outfit ine telio.. :)

  2. oh god, I was downtown when the other day started raining out of the blue! (luckily I was wearing my fav pink hoodie)
    anyway, love the 2nd outfit, you make it look so easy and effortlessly, still so fine!

  3. Even when you dress casual you can't go wrong! It's my favourite thing when you see dark colours and yet a touch of colour ( in your case the All Stars).Yay for vintage once more!

  4. haha i know what you mean about the weather! Today it suddenly got extremely cold, just when it was starting to get warm.. the 2nd outfit is excellent!

  5. I love both outfits. Especially the first one, where you look like a Hollywood it-girl off duty. Fabulous!

  6. gorgeous. want both those pairs of shoes. purple - yum! thanks for the lovely comment!


  7. you are a style icon as lopi said!

    i also adore your vintage shoes.

  8. *serious blushing* thank ya aaaall!!! <3

  9. Really cute outfits, Katerina, I love your style!! ;)


  10. k ta duo sunola einai uperoxa,m aresei p einai diaforetikou style omws deixnun exisou efortless..
    ta starakia exun apsogo xrwma,einai auta me ton lepto pato?
    episis gt kaneis dn sxoliazei ton agapimeno ten ten,xixi :)

  11. ...ti na pw oute egw xerw, kai eixa tin edupwsi oti tha klepsei ti parastasi...!! mallon kaneis den pisteve oti einai toso short, in person!! :P

  12. A, genial!!!! Υποκλίνομαι madame...

  13. wow! two elevators in one block of flats!
    I am bored of umbrellas too!

  14. chill there chloe, it's my office's building...!!! I am SICK of them...

  15. super cute style. I'm definitely watching you!

    would you actually like to change linkes? :)

  16. i love those purple converse shoes! i'm actually going to buy them,too as i love the fact that in the new line the sole is slimmer!!


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