Thursday, May 14, 2009

Work-it out!

Isn't it weird how in my previous post I am wearing this chunky cardigan, and in this one legs and toes are out in the open?
Turns out...God listened to my prays!
This summerish uniform is a proof of how I am "working" on my summerish outfits!

(Me trying to resist eating my yummy wallet!)

Plus, I can even describe how inappropriately excited I got when I discovered that I share this unbelievably romantic shirt I bought last Christmas, with gorgeous+talented+famous: TOLYBANHBAO!
Lopi dearest,

Now I feel to my spine why you reacted like that, when seeing Alix from Cherry Blossom wearing your skirt!!!

+ my 2 favorite boards from the 7ply project

I am a graphic freak after all...

uniform: OYSHO, shirt: ZARA, gladiators: Nine West


  1. adore the whole combination...

    i bouza ine poli omorfi (prepi na ma8is pia tn agorase proti..huhuhu)

  2. very good combo indeed. I love the contrast of the gladiator sandals with the romantic shirt. As for playsuits, they are the best thing to wear in the summer. by far. also need to ask. Are the sandals super comfy? I'm asking cause all the nine West shoes I ve ever bought turned out very gentle to my feet.

  3. I love those sandals! :) x

  4. i love this whole outfit, especially those sandals. they are precious!

  5. The sandals are divine, exactly like the ones I want to buy! Well, the clothes more time your combinations leave me speechless!

  6. nine west has several pairs of really great sandals this year...

  7. Your shoes are adorable. That wallet is awesome too. My friend makes ice cream cone ones.

  8. Haha, now you know the feeling!
    I love those Nine West sandals, I was thinking of buying them too, but I have come to realise I really have to stop buying shoes! You look adorable, as always.

    PS June Glamour is out and you look like an absolute doll in your photo!

  9. Adorable!!!!!!! Too bad I didn't make it to the exhibition... I wanted so much to meet you!

  10. Whoaa..i love that sandals,dear..

    Check out mine.

  11. Hello dear

    i like your outfit! especially the shoes and the top!
    i must confess that it's not my room but my parents. i'm going to add you to my blogroll becouse i adore your blog:D

    With love Jessi

  12. Great outfit, I love everything!

  13. confy and stylish !!!


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