Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Who's on Streetgeist?
I am on Streetgeist!!! (thrilled face)

I've been visiting this blog ever since its photos were really small!
Now the photos are huge, equivalent to the talent & ideas of Streetgeist's "parents" Alkisti&Aris, AND I AM IN ONE OF THEM (yey!).

previously mentioned, I met the guys in a Glamour's photo shoot, and besides they turned up being so nice, with rocking personalities, and ridiculously young-looking, I almost peed in my pants when Lopi proposed to have my photo taken for their blog & Alkisti nodded positively (...tryied to play it cool though, and here's the place I may share my excitement!).

Now I am seriously thinking to copy fashion architect in plasing the photo permenately to the side of my blog... :P

P.S: Thank ya Lopi for the backstage material...!!!
P.S2: Thank ya guys!


  1. o you should! that's a fab photo, congrats.

  2. congratulations!that's a really photo!!!and your hair look great!!!!

  3. sinxaritiriaaaa...

    i myrtilo exi dikio ta malia sou fenode poli orea.. :)

  4. congrats!!!now you just have to put it on the side of your blog!

  5. Hey, you totally deserved it, and I'm sure all of the people who saw this picture will agree with me!

  6. hehe *blushed*...!!!

    aporia: ta mallia pws ta vlepete wraia? we were fighting the wind!!!

  7. Ohhh ela twra k@terina B. ...!
    Your hair look indeed good and you should be happy I didn't use any other capture...Have you seen your face slapped from your wild hair? Nahh just kidding... You are fab girl! ;)

  8. Rock on girl!!!

  9. lovely photo! the clubmasters look sooo great on you!!

  10. you rock ! !
    edw kai treis meres
    psaxnw to glamour akoma dn exei bgei
    by the way
    su xa steilei mail
    to sbhsa to bloggaki mhn nomizeis oti se ksexasa pu mu xes dwsei to mail giauto sou steila mail
    alla dn mu apanthses
    dn kserw an to elabes
    kisses lovely !

  11. xthes to apogeuma to brhka tlk to periodiko ! !
    psilo apogohteuthka oxi me kanena apo ta paidia alla me to arthro polu mikro mia mikrh selidoula gia ton kathena perimena polu polu megalutero arthro
    uperoxes oi fwtografies sas olwn
    katerina exeis uperoxh fatsoula !

  12. i like your style. also like that giant cupcake :D

  13. αργησα να το δω αλλά είσαι πολυ κομψή και πανέμορφη!..συγχαρητήρια και στην φωτογράφο.


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