Wednesday, May 6, 2009

15 minutes...

A while ago, a magazine's editor contact me.
That editor was Amalia Agathou, the magazine was Glamour, and I cant even describe how excited I got for the up-coming article on Greek fashion bloggers (YEY).
As soon as I found out, that I didn't just have to answer some questions by e-mail, but I had to visit their headquarters, for a photo-shoot, the previous mentioned excitement disappeared, and stress along with an extra dose of shyness, took over.
Turns out it was a false alarm (for stress!...shyness has camped in me, years ago), cause those magazine people were extremely sweet and helpful, even if a was lost in a clothe-paradise, where my mind stopped and I couldn't decide upon what to wear in the picture (I kept on recycling the thought "OMG I am in a fashion magazine" while I was going through the clothes mechanically).
glamour's clothe stash, the funky offices, and the sweetest editor: Amalia Agathou.

Yet the surprise of the day had nothing to do with Glamour.
Yesterday I've been given the chance to meet people who have been rocking my world without them knowing.

Pinelopi: from Fashion Architect, Aris & Alkistis: from Streetgeist, Alecca Rox, and Hari from Soho was EXTREMELY nice to meet you guys!!!
+ Aris, Alkistis, & Pinelopi...thanx for the ride *back to civilisation*


  1. omg
    finally you are back!
    you know what ???
    except from the song i am addicted also on your posts
    re koritsi eilirkina elega pote tha postarei pou nai auth h kopela :)Ppp polu xairomai gia osa sunebhsan se sena !
    sugxarhthria !! eilikrina polu tha thela na se gnwrisw kai sena kai th lopi eiste kai oi duo uperoxes ! ! ! se poio teuxos bgaineis??
    a a a a thumasai to blog pu xa ftiaxei kai eixa sbhsei e? tlk eftiaxa new !!! perimenw comments sou !kisses !!!!

  2. *excited*
    it was great to meet you too;) let's see how the shoot comes out...! x

  3. ax ti oraia...Ap'oti katalaba perases teleia. Tha ithela ki ego na pao s'enan tetoio xwro na do pos einai. Eisai poli tixeri. Alitheia se pio teuxos tha vgeis?

  4. Wow, what an opportunity! I'm so jealous lol
    and that closet -- aahh i want to go through it!

  5. YOU are the sweetest ! thanx a lot for the advice...!! perimenw na mas peis se poio teuxos

  6. thank ya all :D:D:D

    *Nomizw tha nai sto epomeno teuxos, alla tromazw stin idea na to agorasw!!! :P

  7. egw pali tha to agorasw sigoura dld milame gia to glamour iouniou! ! ! super ! ! ! anupomonw ! ! ! ! ! polu tha thela na postareis kai photo dikes sou apo paraskhnia ths fwtografishs...!!!don't be shy you are shinning!!!

  8. oooh! you surely were fully loaded! me and alecca only thought of taking pictures after the photoshoot was over!!!:P
    xx's sweetie!!

  9. Ela oi bloggers tha afksisoun tis poliseis ton allo mina!Popo ola ta rouxa, ti omorfa pou deixnoun!Anipomono gia to tefxos!Pos nio8eis pou eisai diasimi? ;)

  10. what a closet!!!!
    i wish i were there!!!!

  11. oooh..sinxaritiria girls!!!!!

    perimeno ktis episimes fotos apo to peridiko.. :D

  12. Wouah! It sounds like a fantastic day...such a beautiful surprise to make your day! So when is the issue coming out...I 'm defently going to buy it :)

  13. JEALOUS !
    Love your blog!


  14. CONGRATS girl...!!! Take over the world, one step at the time..(told you you were like Gala Gonzalez) ;))

  15. and may i ask why do you call polyvore evil thing in eleni's blog :)PPP ??? don't you like it ?? i love polyvore ...!it reminds me my childhood when i used to dress my dolls :)ppp

  16. Really nice meeting you too Queen B! :)



  17. Thanks for the comment! I don't know about my hair it can be really difficult but thanks for the sweet words.

    love Birgit

  18. Συγχαρητήριααααα!Διαβάζω το Glamour φανατικά,δεν έχω χάσει ούτε ένα τεύχος κι ανυπομονώ να σας δω στις σελίδες του :)

  19. Congratulations!!!! You deserve it!

  20. hey..thanks so much for your sweet comment. Glad you like my blog...your blog is awesome..congrads on the magazine feature..thats amazing.

    camille x
    p.s no im not a model :)


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