Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doodle doodle DOO

What boredom @ school & college taught me?
It taught me how to draw!!!

OK, I've been busting balls that I love anything cartoon-ish, & yesterday it just hit me that I've never actually posted anything of mine (except from THAT little -sad- example).

So ... TAH-DAH!!!
B's illustration revealed...
Weird thing though..going through my doodles I found very few of them being ''fashion appropriate'', probably because I mostly draw when angry since this my cute way of getting away with offending people!
(came to realize that people love seeing themselves drawn, even if the context isn't quite flattering).

This is a random sample, saved in the depths of my pc files inspired by Chung & Duma

(turns out those 2 affect me SO much...that I haven't been looking @ their picture when doodling them, later on I realized the similarity!)
...Please don't comment on illustrated-Alexa pairing her cocktail dress with a tote!
I'm probably posting more of those (sketches) in the future!
In the meantime...
Have a ROCKING weekend!


  1. LOVE your sketches! Keep them coming!

  2. K oi duo exoun apisteuto style!
    Oso gia tin Miroslava Duma den exo logia,ta outfits tis einai super,k einai apolitos logiko an skefteis pos einai k fashion editor tou Harper's Bazaar tin Rossias!Poso tha ithela na exo tin ntoulapa tis! :p
    BTW zografizeis iperoxa!


  3. katerina ta sxedia sou einai katapliktika!!!!
    na ta sunexiseis..
    oso gia to style twn koritsiwn..ti na pw???


  4. very original blog!!

    xoxo from spain

  5. natalie & tonia : thaaaank you really appreciate it :D:D

    rai: euxaristw, telika to na plitteis borei na ginei dimiourgiko.. :P oso g tin duma knew all of the above k an k m aresei sa figure pistevw oti ta rouxa tis tin forane!!!

    author of the book of style...couldn't be more thankful and turns out Spanish girls are so IT!

  6. oh your sketches are amazing! I am such a bad drawer...

  7. χαχα σχεδίαζα κι εγώ στο σχολείο ειδικά στην ώρα της λογοτεχνίας αλλά όχι τόσο καλά!

    ελπίζω να το συνεχίζεις και όταν δεν βαριέσαι!

  8. Love the drawing in the first image! Fabulous!


  9. Your illustrations are so lovely!! I like them!


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