Friday, July 10, 2009

A series of unfortunate events!

All day today I was surfing in and out of my blog (which is like a baby to me)!
Tonight I entered my account and realized I have no pictures...!!
DAMN IT what happened?
I have absoFUCKINGlutely no idea!!!
I've lately been using photobucket to upload images larger than the typical blogger ones!
My photobucket account was magically erased between 7.00 and 12.00 today at 10/7/2009!
I have already e-mailed the photobucket people, and I am waiting for a responce, YET I am quite sure I 've lost the images.
I promice I am gonna upload them again all one by one, starting from Monday!!!
Now I'll keep thinking several scenarios...that for example someone who really hates me or this blog hired a hacker to delete my photobucket account...!

If anyone knows something more, is willing to help retrieve my past account, or at least knows a more secure way to upload large images in blogger I will appreciate it if he/she will comment on this post any short of advice!!!



*Special thanx to Haritini from Soho symposium for the precious help!


  1. i don't understand how tis happened......??????? it's terrible...
    i upload pics from my pc to the blog without photobucket why don't you do the same thing too??
    so sorry my queen for this .....:( hope you 'll find a solution!!!

  2. I just started blogging and found your blog..I looked around a bit and loved it! I will definitely be back to read more! I'm sorry that happened with all your pics, thats frustrating!


    oh, and also, great picture choice..that was such a cool movie!

  3. ela re sy....ti na pw...yparxei komplejikos kosmos...k mena mouxei symbei kati paromoio..kouragio

  4. i really really love ur blog and it's terrible what happened...! feel so sorry... hope u will soon fix it...

  5. nothing epiase kryos idrwtas ki emena otan eida ti egine kai mpika amesws na allaksw kai gw kwdiko sto photobucket mou!
    please mr hacker SHOW SOME MERCY!

    yparxei kai to flickr pantws kai apoti kserw kai ta paidia tou streetgeist ayto xrhsimopoioun...

  6. i am happy to see all ur photos back where they were...

  7. pwwww...ti atyxia!!!elpizw na min tis xaseis tis photos sou!!!kalo kouragio!!!

  8. prepei na itan total nightare, alla vlepo einai entaksei tora toulaxiston...feeeewwww!

  9. Lovely pic!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I feel for you... If something like that happened to me, I don't know what I'd do!!!
    Anyway, you should definitely try flickr, I believe it's more reliable. And remember to check the "make this picture private" box every time you upload one, so no-one can track back your flickr/photobucket account by clicking on your images. I think that might help in the future.

  11. oh my god i cant believe it .
    hopethat doesnt happen to my photobucket .
    and lol
    i dont think anyone would go to those lengths
    at least i hope not

  12. I heard about that happening to people on Flickr and it scares the hell out of me! I hope you get it back soon!

  13. so sorry!! I wish photobucket people to burn at hell for that :P
    Take care!!

  14. Argh nightmare, glad you've managed to fix it! (I assume you have as photos are back now..)

  15. hey molis to eida.. telika mnpws ftaiei aytos o typos blog, dnladn google-blog pou exoume?? leve oti parousiazei se pollous problems..

  16. oh no !!! i just saw it!!!!
    hope u ve manage to save everything by now!!!!!!!

  17. έχω συνέχεια το άγχος ότι κάτι τέτοιο θα συμβεί- το έχουν πάθει ως τώρα οι περισσότεροι bloggers που ξέρω. ελπίζω να λύσεις σύντομα το πρόβλημα (και να το διακωμωδήσεις με τον απίστευτο τρόπο σου :)).

  18. what happened? did you fix the problem? everything seems ok now!

  19. So sorry you had bad luck, hope it never happens again :)
    Hope you had a great weekend miss gorgeous!

  20. Thanks for your comment, lady!


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