Sunday, May 24, 2009

Art Athina 2009

It's beyond the shadow of any doubt, that Art Athina was, is, and will be, my #1 arty event.
So many artists, so many different styles, nice stuff, funny stuff, even twisted stuff, all together in one exhibition. I felt, not even the slightest sign of boredom in there.
Can't say more, my Sunday was a bliss!Take a look...
(Lopi already covered it with success, so that's what's left...)

Nice stuff:
Cartoony stuff:

My personal favorite:
Alexandros vasmoulakis
(or else zap51)
If I ever meet him I'll try to convince him to paint my future house...

Although I enjoyed everything can't help but evoking older such events, where there were more installations, and playful stuff.

+Having mentioned the "twisted" element of the exhibition, check out what was going on in the opening, HERE...
Art? or what?

Leaving without buying something? nooo....


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it too! I see we liked almost all the same things!
    I already own that Mafalda book, she is one of my favourite cartoon characters along with Snoopy and Hello Kitty!
    Thanks for showing interest in my "stuff", most of it is already posted on my MySpace profile here Only, you need to have an account yourself to access my pictures :(

  2. oi fwtografies ta span, pairnoume kai mia geysh osoi den mporesame na pame.

    ax mafalda! :d

  3. ( exo kgo tn silektiki ekdosi tis malfada..)

  4. ax ta kaloudia pou phres einai super ! ! ! egw pali pisteuw oti eprepe na uphrxan kai dika sou erga sthn ekthesh an krinw apo to aristourghma twn sxolikwn sou etwn !!! eisai apsogh !!!!

  5. Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? I couldn't make it. Looks like a lot of fun. Is that a mirror there? Thought it was a piece of art...


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