Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whare is my charger? I need some energy...

It's Tuesday night and I am not working tomorrow, what a DELIGHT!! What does a free day means...?? Night Out the day before, and that's what I am up to right now!
Before deciding upon tonight's outfit, I had some clothe-fun. Time is to share the fun with you, the ones who read this amateur 's blog... and my TWO followers (yey).

everything-ZARA, belt-MNG, rainboots-HUNTER, socks-CALZEDONIA

You have to excuse me for the photo's bad quality, but I have somehow lost my camera's charger somewhere in my piles of clothes. Until to find it I am taking pictures with my laptop -bad idea- yet useful for a Virgo without any of the Virgo's qualities.
The other thing I am occupied with these days, is my upcoming American Apparel on-line order! With this one I am going to lose my on-line shopping virginity AT LAST.
I was thinking ab
out it, long ago when I was gazing upon the awesome clothes in TOPSHOP'S site & I found out , they aren't shipping to Greece ! DAMN IT.
so I am snobbing TOPSHOP now!!

Those are the goodies, on their way home!!


  1. aaaaaaah! the thrill of on line shopping! opening the package makes me so excited every single time! the only downside is that customs have become very strict concerning orders from the US (even small ones) so I stopped ordering from outside the EU

  2. should I cancel the order? what are ya suggesting?

  3. hey my order is comming from uk so I ll face no problems ... HOPEFULLY!

  4. On-line shopping is so thrilling! I have ordered shoes from the US, France and Spain before, without any problems whatsoever, so don't worry!
    And my bad I didn't become a reader of yours earlier... Keep blogging!

  5. awwhh thank you so much pine-LOPI... egw imoun reader sou polu prin ginw blogger myself!!! :D

  6. Mango brought sth like that??I have to go look! The Jimmy Choos are my favourite too!And height wont be a problem for me, I'm 1,58 so these shoes will bring my hight up to normal!LOL.I especially love the second outfit!
    I lost "my virginity" with Forever21, totally worth it, for the design and the price!

  7. Wow thanks, I'm feeling impatient now that you've told me! And no problem, I already had you in my updates, but since you mentioned it! ;)

  8. no worries, there are no taxes when orders are from EU! and usually items arrive within 5 days, so ...next week we're expecting outfits posts with your new goodies!

  9. I love your outfit!! those hunter boots are so cool!! and the shorts are amazing too!! <3

  10. Like your second outfit, nice shorts!

  11. the hot pants outfit is amazing. It's a cross between Picaso and punk rock. good job.


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