Thursday, May 28, 2009

All-E-y Kat!

Are you a stylish gal?
Time to help!!!
Rise awareness on Breast Cancer, by doing something as simple as ordering a funky t-shirt!
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer GR, went beyond designing a simple-boring cause tee!
This one is actually colorful, edgy, and ...wearable!
Costs nothing in relation to what it might offer in the future, especially if you consider that:
  • 1.3 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually worldwide
  • 465,000 die from the disease
How much saving people's lives cost? 29 euros!
Place your order (+get informed) HERE

Become an Ally with target NOW:
Mass-order t-shirts with friends, family, colleagues or whatever and wear them in groups on the 26th of June (there's also a TREAT depending on the number of tees ordered).
Ancient Greeks used to say "it's better to take measures than treating your wounds"
Helping the campaign might drive more women (& men) to see their doctors on that issue, which will reimburse them with many more "happily ever after" years!

After all:
Nice boobs are worth fighting for!!!!

My dog Siva (she was starring on a previous post!!!)
Breast cancer survivor herself, had a mastectomy 2 years ago, and now she's alive and kicking.
Felt like making a statement too! Deny her? I can't!
Here she is, wearing the t-shirt!!!
(...which is in the washing machine at the moment :P)

*being less social as a person I'll try to fulfil my Ally-duties by convincing people at work ordering.
I am thinking of convising people of the opposite sex! This should be my challenge!!!
I am an Ally Kat now!!!!


  1. You set the standards high with this post girl! I wonder if there's anything left to say on mine!
    PS You look so tanned already!

  2. it took me what felt like aaaages to find something new to say...Siva helped!!!
    I am not tanned at all! It was getting dark, and I have that natural gipsy look anyways...!!!

  3. ohh ur dog is sooo sweet!! is really a nice tee! we dont have target here, but i def support the same cause and others with local brands!
    love ur post!!!!

  4. ali mia poli omorfi ekdosi gia
    to pos na fore8i afto to tee..

    bravo girl :)

  5. loveddddddd your post!!!!!!
    so outgoing!!!!!!!!
    well doneeeeee
    i also thought of wearing the t-shirt on my dog but she is a big girl so it wouldn't fit!!!!

    cool photos as well!!!!!!

  6. wiiiiiicked post! haha Siva is wearing the tee too!! cool shoot ally kat;)

  7. :D, glad u like it all...!!!

    Alecca: Siva didn't wanna take it off...!!!

  8. i love this post Katerina, so meaningful..and that t-shirt is veryy cool.

    Meho xx

  9. it was perfect.
    hey, nice legs! :)

  10. oh your dog, Siva is very cuteeee.. I want that type of dog.haha but unfortunately my family doesn't like animals in the house. >o<
    linked your blog,too dear

  11. Great that you are posting this! Very cool pictures and a lovely blog dear.
    Keep up the wonderful work!

    xx Bec Wonders

  12. Such a nice post (and of course great outfit!).Paei para poli sto skilaki sou , prosekse min sto klepsei to mplouzaki! :D

  13. ooh..8ee..(kokino prosopo apo dropi)

    ena pragma 8a po kme dikeologi..douleuo se grafio me internet..ime ores brosta apo ena pc kparasirome efkola...


  14. Hey there! How u doing!
    I post cultural and fashion gossips lol like exhibitions, signing books, events,... I dont write about what u hate to wear or not...
    You can "click" on read this blog in English -on the right-.

    keep in touch

    xo xo

  15. thats fun! i was waiting that someone will ask me or so :) o mpampas mou einai apo tin a8ina kai ego ksero (ligo) ellinkia! propersi emeina gia 6 mines stin a8ina! xairomai na do ena elliniko blog! 8a sou "follow" :D

  16. Apla teleies oi photos...alla k i topothesia poly wraia!!!genika olo to sthsimo tou thematos poly kalo!!!:D

  17. Hope you will convice many persons...
    I would buy it, but they don't ship to my country..

  18. Wow, what a great cause! So nice of you to doing it! I love what you're wearing! You have gorgeous legs! xxoxoxoxo

  19. I love your outfit and of course its a great cause! your so nice and tan im jealous hehe

  20. This is so great you're supporting the cause!

  21. I love how you styled the shirt. What a great project!

  22. great outfit!
    and i LOVE your long hair!!!

  23. do you follow me? i cant see it :(
    kali idea! etsi 8a exoume ena germaniko-elliniko blog meeting :D 8a er8o ton septembrio stin a8ina! ***

  24. nice outfit!

    that's a good project in helping people who are fighting with cancer.

  25. Love this post, and I love how you styled the shirt and your dog is soooo cute!!

  26. Very good that you are doing something for a disease that so many women have!
    I really love the tshirt on your dog hahah, adorable!
    And very pretty pictures and outfit!!


  27. wow...very nice place...!!!

    who is the photographer?? i think that he/she has talent!!!!
    so sweet girl

  28. ...the photographer is certainly talented, and I think you know him more than anyone...!!!

    love ya N.

  29. Awwwwwwwww so so so so cuteeeeeee!!!!! Hello there doggyyyyyyy!!!!!
    Ok, you look great as well! :P
    I can't believe I've missed all those posts...
    I feel bad right now...

  30. Love the photos and your puppy. She's sooooo cute.

    (na se rwthsw kati asxeto? picteveic pwc paizei rolo poso xronwn eisai gia na xekiniseis to diko s fashion blog?)


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