Tuesday, March 3, 2009

J'adore Birkin....and the bag!!

I don't know if it's the careless seventies hue, or the timeless style of hers but I 've been worshipping Jane Birkin for quite a while. Well actually ever since I found out about her, and the famous bag named after her...!!!

Apart from the gorgeous face looking almost graphic, the combination of female vulnerability, with manly attitude, and loose almost unisex clothes is so appealing to me.

Those loose clothes I was thinking about when I bought a brownish sued loose pant from ZARA, and on my outfit I added as much 70's quality as possible in the 00's

nude top-MNG
loose pants-ZARA
oxfords with heals-Bata
animal print tights (not obvious)-CALZEDONIA
bag (not obvious either)-Chanel
hair band-Accessorize


  1. i worship jane birkin(and her style) too!i love the pants by the way!

  2. she s my favorite..! thank you it's zara new collection you may find them!! xxx

  3. Like your loose pants en jazz shoes!


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