Sunday, April 12, 2009


Summer isn't nearly here yet, though all my budget is spent on spring clothes...(someone should stop me) !
That's why I kinda hesitated
in front of that promy Mango dress.
At first I loved it's bustier, and hated it's black ribbon, in the end.. I cut it off.
Combined with my grandma's Feragammo, and white socks, gave me the perfect outfit for someone special's birthday..!

Recommended for girls with 0 curves....

(dress: MNG, plain top: sisley, suede cardigan: ZARA, bag: topshop, shoes: feragammo, socks: calzedonia.)


  1. Oh! Brilliant! The dress is fabulous! But the flats combined with the socks...oH MY GOD! Great style, girl.

  2. That dress looks sooooo cute on you! But you're right about the curves thing, the same thing on me would just look slutty. You're so lucky you can pull off the sexy-but-cute look!

  3. I would never think of wearing it like that!Mpravo!

  4. thank ya girls...!!

    lopi: I was wearing a shirt underneath I would feel exposed without it 2, even if I am deprived of curves!

  5. evrimatikos o sindiasmos tou forematos me ta accesories...kme to t-shirt apo mesa...

  6. That top is very cute--I like the pattern on it.
    P.S. A "clothes horse" is a wooden frame people use to dry clothes on. It also used to mean someone who is overly interested in clothes.

  7. the flats and socks look GREAT~

  8. Really fab...I love the top :)

    xox, mavi

  9. Wow. Your changes made the dress look really cool, so you. I thought the last part about girls with 0 curves was funny, since I don't have any either. LOL>

  10. i saw a bustier top similar to that the other day but was hesitant to try it on, so i didn't... now i really want to go back to that shop to check it out again! i love this outfit!


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